See What Our Customers Say

May, 2014

Kim was great and very helpful. Your technician was great too! We will have you back!

Brenda - Spruce, MI

June, 2014

Dan was here thanks so much. Please tell him Dan we have no mice now. Hooray!

Vic - Maple City, MI

July, 2014

Dan is a dream employee polite, calm, and interested in my bug problem and fixing it. He's so courteous I use a walker as of this year and was extreamly patient with me. With he was my neighbor - or son. Thanks for getting my place bug-free! I'll be waiting for you next spring. Just sign me up and tell my neighbors they will be delighted to have you help them too!

Brenda - Lake Ann, MI

July, 2014

I spoke to Kim and Lisa both were fantastic, pleasent, funny polite and efficient. Al said your tech was a good two syllable word translated. I got your number from a total stranger at the local hardware in Lewiston. We were pleased with your company and Josh. What you are doing is working for you.

Al & Peggy - Lewiston, MI

July, 2014

Lisa and I had a fun conversation on the phone. Dan was friendly and professional and I am not interested in calling any other company.

David & Peg - Kewadin, MI

July, 2014

Kim was pleasent. Cody the tech was friendly and efficient. We liked working with a local business.

Will - Gaylord, MI

August, 2014

Your staff was very pleasent and easy to communicate with. Cody was very informative about the treatment; also suggested preventative. The service was prompt.

anonymous - Cadillac, MI

September, 2014

Lisa was friendly and professional. Joe the Tech what a sweetie and he clearly explained the issues. He was happy to answer our questions. He was sp kind to my mom. Thank you so very much. I can't say enough good things about the company. Wish you could treat in Virginia!

Karen - Fairview, MI

September, 2014

Kim was good. Dan and Cody were good too and we have no more ants!

Judy - Traverse City, MI

September, 2014

Renee was helpful and friendly. Joe we couldn't ask for better - he put us at ease make sure he comes in next time. We trust him! We will definitely refer you to others. Thanks for calling us back, too!

Rich - Roscommon, MI

October, 2014

The lady who answered Kim was excellent in dealing with the public over the phone. Josh is knowledganle, efficient and highly professional. And the ants are gone! We would recommend Josh and your company to anyone who needs pest control.

Robert - Roscommon, MI